What it Means to be Hospitable

At the end of the day, the world will remember you on the basis of how hospitable you were with humans and your surroundings. Hospitality is the friendliness that you carry. It exhibits the effort of your parents on your grooming and how soft-hearted you are.

Remember that one act of kindness can stamp someone’s heart with the impression you left. So let’s make it a nice one and try being considerate towards the problem each one of us carries.

Forgiveness of Self And Others to Achieve Happiness

Forgiveness is a very difficult decision in our life. The hate and anger raging inside us, sometimes makes it impossible to let go of things and be inhumane. It is difficult to move on from the wrongs that were done against us. While on the other hand, happiness is something that can be gained even …

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Introducing the Happy Store!

The Happy Store will feature items that make you happy! To start, I have introduced two unisex shirts. In the future, I plan to add more, but for now enjoy these awesome shirts to help spread happiness.

Happy Points

I am quickly learning different ways to enhance this community and I stumbled upon a great one! Isn’t it great to get something in return for just being awesome? Introducing Happy Points. Happy Points are given to you when you interact with this site. They include doing things like logging into your account, writing in …

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