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Happiness and Hospitality is  a blog and a community. It is your community that you help to make the best it can be. 
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Who Are We

Founded in February of 2019, Happiness and Hospitality came from an idea that Andy Hoffman had. He brought it to life and is dedicated to growing the Happy People community.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Happiness and Hospitality to spread joy through articles, ideas, photos, and videos from the Happy People community. 

What We Do

We provide a place for happy thoughts and wonderful things. Negativity is not allowed on this site.

The Happy People Community is for people like you who want to share happy ideas, inspiring stories, and generosity to others.

By being a member, you get Happy Points. The more you interact with the community, the more Happy Points you get.

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The Happy Thoughts Blog share exceptional stories, ideas and thoughts. It highlights the best of the world. 

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Happiness is brought about when people gather together and share wonderful thoughts. Help make this your happy place.