Changing Your Perspective – How to Have a Great Day

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We don’t have a great day, we make a great day.

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We all want to have a great day and in these days of social distancing and isolation, it can be a bit more difficult to stay positive. It is all about changing your perspective from a negative viewpoint and turning it on its head. This is especially difficult right now because at times you might be feeling a little less confident because everything kind of seems out of control. Here is the truth though… It is not out of control. You are in control of many things you never thought possible.

Don’t most people just tell lies about having a great day?

Some people might be lying or sugar-coating to make hard truths a little easier to handle. Let me be clear, this is not about merely sugar-coating the truth of what is happening around you. At times, it can definitely be scary and there is a lot of unknowns in our world, especially in its current state. However, we don’t have to focus on those things in a negative light. We can turn them around into a positive perspective. For example, if you are laid off from work and are stuck at home, you can view it as a house arrest of sorts. However, you can also view it as a perfect time to spend on a hobby or a great time to cherish with loved ones.

Change your mindset 1

I made an info-graphic that shows a few ways you can change your negative mindset towards what is happening right now and flip it into a positive. Click the link below to download the infographic.

Changing your perspective infographic

How to create a better impact on your day without pressure

In addition to changing our mindset, we might find ourselves with a lot of extra time on our hands. You might not know what to do with these additional hours. It can cause you to either be more productive or it can manifest unhealthy habits that seek to destroy your life. If you are becoming lethargic or feel yourself wasting time, there are many ways you can give your day more purpose and make it better.

Here are 7 things you can do right now to take control and have a great day

Take Up A Craft

Many crafts, like diamond painting, knitting, or counted cross stitch allow us to focus our attention from the world around us and create something beautiful. Due to the repetitive nature of the crafts I mentioned, they can be therapeutic to the point of allowing yourself to lose track of time. As psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (mentioned in a CNN Article about how crafting affects the brain) first described this phenomenon as flow: a few moments in time when you are so completely absorbed by an activity that nothing else seems to matter. Flow, Csikszentmihalyi says, is the secret to happiness — a statement he supports with decades of research.”When we are involved in (creativity), we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life,” Csikszentmihalyi said during a TED talk in 2004. “You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.”


Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and pass the time. Meditation is one method of untangling our inner thoughts and our emotions associated with them. Sometimes when we are stressed or distracted, we tend to focus on our answer to something—an event, a frustration, or a task, for instance. Meditation teaches us to separate ourselves from our reaction and quietly examine it, without attaching emotion. This awareness allows us to remain steadfast within the present moment, understand our thought patterns, and learn more about our emotions and ourselves. This allows us to have more emotional freedom. While you can meditate on your own, guided meditations, like the ones in Meditation Studio App, give you the tools needed to get started on the path to meditation the right way.

Binge Watch Movies Or TV Shows

This may seem counter-productive, I will admit. However distracting yourself with your favorite show or catching some amusement in a new adventure is a completely legitimate way to spend your time and energy especially during times of crisis. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix make binging tv shows and movie series so easy and accessible to nearly everyone. In fact, you can get Amazon Prime for nearly 50% off if you qualify.

Read Several Books

In addition to the great movie offerings, Amazon has, with a Kindle Unlimited plan you can enjoy unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks and unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks. Amazon allows you to do this directly in their library for many titles, and through apps such as Overdrive, you can borrow Kindle books from a library as well.

Listen to books

If you are one who likes to multitask and listen to a book while cleaning or perhaps while going for a walk, then you can do that through a few different apps. As the video above shows, Overdrive allows you to borrow audiobooks in addition to the ever-popular Audible app. Audiobooks are best for leisure rather than if you were trying to learn a new skill for instance as an article in Time Magazine assures us.

“If you’re trying to learn while doing two things, you’re not going to learn as well,” [Daniel Willingham, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and author of Raising Kids Who Read] says. Even activities that you can more or less perform on autopilot—stuff like driving or doing the dishes—take up enough of your attention to impede learning. ‘I listen to audiobooks all the time while I’m driving, but I would not try to listen to anything important to my work,” he says.


Exercise is something that a lot of people have a hard time starting. One thing that I have found is that I am too shy to ask for guidance sometimes. I rely on my phone for a lot of my day to day operations and I thought I would give a fitness app a try. I looked up different ones and found 30 Day Fitness Challenge — Workout at Home. Since I have started using this app, it has eased me into a workout routine gradually building up the exercises. There are a variety of plans to choose from and they really help keep me motivated. Plus it automatically synchronizes with Google Fit which is a personal benefit for me.

If you want a little extra personal reward, I suggest getting Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin is an app that literally pays you to walk. It records your steps throughout the day, qualifies them to keep people from cheating and then rewards you with their in-app currency that you can exchange for a variety of different offers and products. It won’t make you rich quick or anything, but it is nice to get an extrinsic reward for doing something many of us find hard to do!

Reconnect With Old Friends

Let’s face it, sometimes we let our connections with our friends subside, especially when big life-altering news hits. With the extra time we have on our hands, it is good to reconnect with those we may have lost touch with over the years and technology has made that so much easier and better so that we can actually see people from around the world in real-time with apps like Google Hangouts and Zoom.

Still stuck?

If you are ever in a situation where you cannot seem to get happy no matter how hard you have tried to change your perception or tried to occupy your time with suggestions like the above, you may be suffering from depression and need to talk to a licensed professional. If you need immediate assistance or someone you know is in danger, please reach out to the crisis hotline 1-800-273-8255. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

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