What is depression and is happiness possible while depressed?

what is depression can you be happy with depression man
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Achieving happiness while depressed Is not an easy task. To begin, we need to define depression and explore what having depression means. In order to overcome obstacles, it is important to know what they are and understand them before tackling them head-on.

So what is depression?

If you ask a bunch of individuals who’ve suffered from clinical depression to define the illness, you’ll hear a range of answers. Depression may be a very personal experience that immeasurable people all around the planet experience.

Different people manifest different symptoms, but one thing is certain: depression is definitely a difficult illness that will destroy your life if left unresolved.

Many people with depression describe it as a sense of despair that engulfs everything they are doing and everything they feel.

Some people may think that being depressed is comparable to feeling sad because their favorite team just lost the championship game, that is a surface level feeling that does not compare to the truth of depression. Depressive disorders are far deeper and more invasive than sadness or frustration. To answer the question of “What is depression?” we need to explore just a bit further into how a person feels with depressive disorders.

Depression takes everything away from you; it saps your energy, focus, concentration, and particularly your joy. You simply don’t care about anything; nothing matters and even the people you like become unimportant.

If you’re depressed for an extended period of time, you become familiar with the sensation and all other emotion becomes unfamiliar and even frightening.

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What Are Depression’s Physical Concerns

Depression doesn’t only take its toll on your emotions and mental state; it can cause serious physical problems still. Depressive disorders may cause you to either lose your appetite or eat incessantly. It also zaps your energy and motivation.

When you’re depressed, you tend to become inactive. This alone can cause variety of problems, but when added to a number of the other physical side effects of depression, it is easy to work out why it is such a significant illness.

In addition, depression can lead to:

  • Lack of sleep. Depression can cause insomnia, which strips the body of the necessary amount of sleep to function properly.
  • Poor nutrition. When depressed, many folks fail to ingest in proper nutrients. It takes an excessive amount of effort to plan and prepare a meal. this will cause several health problems.
  • Aches and pains. If anyone tells you that your psychological state has no effect on your physical state, they’re wrong. When you’re depressed, the chemicals within the brain that signal pain are as affected as the chemicals in your brain that help you feel happy.
  • Physical aches and pains are increased, which in turn, kicks in the sad feelings and therefore the cycle begins again.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

These are some specific things those with depression experience:

  • Constant and severe sadness about everything
  • Hopelessness
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Loss of interest in things that once interested them
  • Feeling worthless, useless and strangely guilty for no reason in the slightest degree
  • A serious change in weight, one way or the other
  • Lack of energy and fatigue

Depression is a serious condition and should be taken seriously.

As depression progresses, it feeds on itself like a snowball rolling downhill. The longer someone is depressed, the more serious the disorder gets until they see no resolution of it at all. They become resigned to being miserable all the time.

Depression is often caused by a specific event, the change of seasons, a loss of somebody close, or perhaps a chemical imbalance within the brain. The treatment for depressive illnesses usually involves counseling or medication that helps alter brain chemistry.

Take a test

There are a couple of online tests that are really helpful in identifying whether a person has depression.

The first of these is from Psycom. There are a number of resources at your disposal from them that I encourage you to peruse.

Psych Central also has an 18-point quiz that can help you identify whether you have depression. They offer a number of educational guides and resources as well.

If you recognize someone who is depressed, the most effective thing you’ll be able to do is to be his or her friend. sit down with them and help them through this period. Help them seek medical aid to treat their illness.

If you think that you may be depressed, confer with a health care provider or therapist. It doesn’t need to ruin your life! With help and support, you’ll be able to conquer your depression, move past it, and last to live a joyful life.

So how can I be happy while depressed?

As I mentioned above, the first thing you need to do before tackling any problem is to get to know it. There are many resources out there, I highly recommend following ones that are based in science. You can read books about depression to learn more about it. Here are some recommendations:

I also encourage you to talk to people about what you are going through. Whether you want to speak to a licensed professional such as a doctor or a therapist, or a friend or family member, talking about what you are going through will help. Just having a social interaction will make your day a little better. Keeping depressive thoughts internal will not help and even just being open to having company is a step in the right direction.

Talking to others about depression often comes too late once a person has reached a tipping point. It is important to remember that you are not being a burden on others and you are not showing vulnerability. Instead, you are reaching out for help that you need.

The best way to regain your happiness and sense of well-being is to consult a professional.

Do not resolve yourself to a life that is destined in depression. You can overcome it. You can make yourself better. Don’t do it for me or anyone else. Overcome depression for yourself.

Do you have a success story of how you overcame depressive disorders or have any positive coping mechanisms? Let us hear them in the comments below!

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