Being Patient: A Heartwarming Fishing Story

be patient a man fishing being patient demonstrating patience
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Being Patient Can Pay Off

This is a story of how, when fishing if you can just be patient, it will probably pay off for you in the end.

One day Mr. Wilson wanted to go fishing, and he told his wife he would bring her back some fish. So he strolled down to the stream under the brilliant evening sun and plunked down on a rock with his fishing pole.

He thought he was being patient. He waited and cast his rod several times, there were no fish in sight. Occasionally a little bitty fish would hurdle by where he was sitting, and he would try to catch it with his net. He tried over and over again and once he stumbled and fell face down into the water.

The day wore on, the sun began to set, and Mr. Wilson despite everything had not gotten his fish. He got baffled, and he was splashing furiously in the water causing a bit of a scene when his nearby neighbors, Mr. Brown and his child Billy, came up to the stream’s edge to watch the sunset.

Mr. Wilson didn’t even notice them as he raged off, baffled by his squandered afternoon and worried about dissatisfying his wife.

“Holy cow!” Billy said. “What’s Mr. Wilson doing? Why is he acting like that?”

“Hungry, I assume,” Mr. Brown said. “He should’ve waited just a bit. He wasn’t being patient enough! The fish come up to feed when the air is cool in the evening.”

As he talked, they heard the sound of fish breaking the surface of the water, and the dad and child carefully netted about six or so fish straight out of the river.

be patient waiting for the sunset being patient

MORAL: Patience and planning can prevent unnecessary difficulty.

How often have you come just one step from your goal before quitting? At times we get into the trap that the whole world is working against us, that nothing is going how we planned and never will. What we are actually doing is separating ourselves from happiness and creating our own pain and suffering.

What we learned from the tale above is that when Mr. Wilson needed to get fish, just taking time to learn their habits and being patient would have made a huge difference. Learning their diet, when they eat, and where they most likely will be would have spared him a day of torment and could have kept him dry and out of the water!

being patient pays off jumping fish be patient to catch the fish

When things seem to be going from bad to worse, it may be time to pull back and think differently about the situation. What is there that we don’t know? Is there someone who has been here before and may have some insight that would help us to be more successful?

Pride and frustration may be keeping you from discovering just the information that will help you succeed. Ask for ideas from those who have been successful in the past. Most people are not only willing, but they’re also happy to help. Remember to be patient with them.

Think about those areas of your life where you feel you’re spinning your wheels, where no matter how much effort you expend, the results just aren’t there. Then ask yourself if more information or a better plan could help you move past that obstacle.

Maybe you already have the understanding you need, but you’re too busy rushing forward to think through a plan. Slowing down, taking your time, and examining the best course forward often saves you a lot of time and effort. This strategy also leads to greater success.

It’s better to be a little behind, but moving wisely forward, than to be the first to the lake and leaving empty-handed once again.

Reflection Questions

  1. Is there an area of my life where I feel frustrated and unsuccessful?
  2. What friend, coworker or family member may know more about the situation than I do?
  3. Is pride or frustration keeping me from asking for help in areas where I might be more successful if I asked for assistance?
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