Introducing Reputation and Triumphs

When I first started this, I wanted to reward people for interacting with this site. I wanted to give them something that made them happy, even if just a little bit. Thus Happy Points came to be. There are plans to give Happy Points some sort of value down the road where they can be spent, given. or bought. Then, I wanted to spread more happiness. Introducing Reputation and Triumphs.


Now being able to spend Happy Points presents an issue. I was thinking about how will people in the Happy People Community know who they can trust and who has been around the most if anyone can buy, give, or spend points. Happy Points would not be a good barometer for that. I thought about what makes people credible. Of course, it came to me! Reputation! Now you will get Reputation as well. So Reputation is there to show who is credible and who is new. Now, everyone has to start somewhere. We all start as a Beginner and will progress as we interact more and more. Have an idea for Reputation? I’d love to hear it! Send me a message.


Who doesn’t like celebrations? Celebrations make people happy and when we do things that are worth celebrating, we call those things “Triumphs” around here. When you do something worth celebrating, you will receive a Triumph! We’ll celebrate big things, little things and all kinds of things.
Have an idea for Reputation? I’d love to hear it! Send me a message.

Celebrate your Triumphs and develop your Reputation by sharing your happy experiences in the Happy People Community.

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