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Pursuit of Happiness

What is your pursuit of happiness? What methods and actions do you take to make you happy?

Do you listen to music, have a hobby, or do an activity outside?

My Personal Pursuit

Music makes me happy. It gives me peace and understanding. I love listening to harmonies and rhythms. I volunteer in a choir classroom, which allows me to listen to beautiful music made by our next generation. They are an inspiration and give me hope.

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A social activity I enjoy is visiting amusement parks. Seeing the pure joy on the faces of people as they exit rides and shows or when they are eating some delicious food or just by hanging out with friends gives me joy. I hardly ever go to an amusement park to ride everything or make sure I have the full experience. I go with the agenda to have fun myself and not worry about missing out on anything.

Sometimes I need my own personal space. I like to go outside into the woods and take a walk. Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is nearby. I am lucky to be able to walk in the footsteps of the great Abraham Lincoln’s youth. The woods are vast and appear untouched. Sometimes when I walk there, I think about his humble nature. I sign off all of my emails with a quote, a personal motto from Abraham Lincoln.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

Abraham Lincoln

I am always seeking my identity and trying to figure out what my best me is. Years ago I established that no matter what I do, I should strive to do it well. I also established that in order for me to be happy, I must attempt to bring about happiness to others through everything I do.

Your Turn!

What about you? What does your pursuit of happiness look like?

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