Tim Conway’s Elephant Story

I am not sure if you have ever seen the video of the comedic genius of Tim Conway and his elephant story. It was during an episode of “The Carol Burnett Show” they were doing a “Mama’s Family” skit.

As the skit went along he had to tell a crazy story. Now he never told his cast mates what this story would be and saved it for taping. They always wanted to keep it a surprise. This made for great scenes with huge laughs.

They would nearly breakdown as they tried desperately to hold themselves together when Tim Conway pulled a stunt like this. The Elephant Story is probably his most famous one, but often times Tim Conway would try to make the rest of the cast break character with his wit.

That’s why when he was so successful during this episode, Vickie Lawrence came back with that punchline that rocked the world. Unfortunately, the profanity in it meant that it could not be aired on television. However, I embrace it and love this clip. It makes me laugh every time I see it and so today, I share it with you fine folks. Be fully warned that you will laugh out loud, and the clip is unedited so you will hear a word that would be censored on television. It happens fairly close to the end, so if you want to watch just for the laughs go ahead. No judgments if you have to stop it early.

So did you laugh? Did you stop it before the famous line? I hope that at the very least I brought a smile to your face and that you will pass that smile on to someone else today!

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