Anne and Marilyn Make Me Smile

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I work for a hotel as a Guest Services Agent. This allows me to come in contact with many Guests. Some of my Guests are a little more open and allow me into their world. Two of my Guests have done this and more. Meet Marilyn and Anne.

From the moment they each checked in, Marilyn and Anne connected with me. They are the type of people who can make friends in any situation. As I checked them into the hotel, Marilyn and Anne recounted their years of experience teaching. I instantly liked them. Although, come to think of it, there are very few people I don’t like, but that is not the point… these two were exceptionally likable from the get-go.

All evening they set up shop in the business center in the lobby. I heard a lot of talking, a lot of typing, and a whole lot of laughing. Their hard work in the lobby piqued my curiosity. I left my post behind the front desk and adventured to the other side. They were quick to tell me about this children’s book they were writing.

Marilyn mentioned Leah to me before. She had recounted her genuine love for her granddaughter and the great times they had together during her previous visits to her hometown. Of course, when I hear about how much she loves this town and how much she cares for her granddaughter, I could not help but be moved to hear more of the story.

Marilyn’s special bond with her granddaughter highlights her joy of family and loving attitude.

You see her granddaughter has Down Syndrome. Because of this, she has some cognitive disabilities. This book is one story of how she learns math differently all while highlighting the special bond Marilyn has with Leah Marie.

Marilyn and Anne have set a course to create a book (and hopefully a full-blown series of books) about learning differently. In this book, Leah experiences a lot of discovery learning and tactile learning. They share ideas about how to continue the conversation about shapes in different ways.

From that moment in the lobby on, every few months Marilyn and Anne would come to town to work on their book in their “office” often bouncing ideas back and forth. I loved hearing their creative process. I love how they entertain every idea that comes their way. They don’t shoot down any ideas without first thinking it through. I love hearing when they come to town as they are bound to share their joy and create more happiness in the world. Above all, they make me smile and remind me of how human beings should treat each other: with compassion, an open heart, celebrating differences, and (most importantly) love.

Have you ever met someone that has moved you in indescribable ways? Has someone reminded you about the joy of being a human? Leave a comment! I want to hear your story.

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