The Beginning

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Lately, I have noticed how much fighting and aggravation there has been on the internet. I am setting out to change that. I want you to be a part of this community to help share your ideas, stories, and general positivity towards a happier and more hospitable world. The first step is registering to be a member. Then you will be able to add your ideas to the community.

Keeping the lights on

Unfortunately, everything costs money, including this website. I don’t intend to make a lot of money from this site and I will always try to keep focused on the community and creating joy, but I can’t do it for free. From time to time you may see an ad like the one below for the most delicious chai tea I have ever had. I will do my best to keep advertisements at a minimum and relevant and keep them from being obscene or vulgar.

I don’t mind if you use an ad blocker of some sort. Heck, I use one as well! We all get bombarded with too many ads. I get it. I will not ask for you to turn that sucker off. If this content is meaningful to you, and you want to help, please give to my Patreon account to help continue this mission.

Thanks and Happiness to you!


Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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